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back on my feet. [damian/dick] [4/?]

Fandom: Young Justice + DCU crossover.

Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Robin/Damian Wayne 
Genre: Romance/Drama + timey wimey bullshit. ~
Rating:  Heavy T. (this chapter) 
Summary: Damian Wayne is sent back from the future straight into the YJ verse. Back home, he harbors strong feelings for Dick, but doesn’t act on it because of the age difference — now that he’s older than him by two years, however, he decides it’s time to take what belongs to him.

Written for a prompt on yj!anon meme. Still ongoing.

Dedicating the next few days to avoiding Dick (which, by the way, was childishly easy, seeing as the little Grayson attended an actual school during the day and patrolled with batman during the night), Damian found himself with very little to do aside from hanging out with Alfred and Bruce.

There was little difference between this Pennyworth and his – to Damian’s disappointment, the old butler kept his sarcastic attire, promptly ignoring any warning the young man gave him. Deep, prolonged frowns and quiet, bitter hisses seemed to do little good and eventually, Damian gave up, expressing his dislike for the butler’s attitude with use of hurtful words that, obviously, Alfred didn’t care about.

A normal, random person – a mere bystander, or one of these worthless skanks who always hung around Bruce, wouldn’t be able to see the microscopic differences between parallel Batmans. The subtle expressions on his face were the key – the twitches, frowns, small, imperceptible smiles. This Bruce had a habit of being more open with them while under the cowl, and by more open, Damian meant the one millimeter difference he could easily both see and measure. He smelled like well mixed bergamot, citrus and jasmine, all finished with subtle, perfectly toned notes of various woods. Probably another expensive cologne, of course, but different from his Bruce’s usual scent.

The mere fact that Damian was capable of determining so many things by just standing in the same room with the other man was, as his Dick would always call it, creepy. Nevertheless, the teenager found it rather useful – at least he didn’t have to get too close to his targets to determine a few basics. 

“You don’t have to keep the five meter distance from me at all times,” Bruce seemed faintly amused with Damian’s carefulness, the boy moving in opposite directions and thus engaging the older man into something akin to a dance. 

Except Damian reminded him more of a wild cat waiting for the perfect moment to jump him – that’s what he looked like, anyway.

“Tt. I’m analyzing,” sneaking a nonchalant vibe into his voice proved to be a huge failure, the slight stumble painfully visible on the background of his usually graceful moves.

“Of course you are,” Bruce rolled his eyes, leaning down a little to open one of the drawers and turning his back on the boy.

“Why are you so casual with me? I’m technically a complete stranger.”

“And technically, you also aren’t. I don’t know what sort of Bruce you’re living with, but I don’t tend to panic in such situations. I believe the League can handle everything properly.”

“Are you planning on sending me away soon, then?” The worried, perhaps even stressed voice piqued Bruce’s interest, the older man turning his head around to look at Damian in a short break between checking one drawer and another.

“The lack of trackers in your Robin suit is successfully preventing us from finding your universe. For now, obviously,” finally, Bruce took a long, silver knife out, examining it for a short while.

Damian swallowed, leaning back against the counter and barely stopping himself from letting out a relieved sigh, at least until Bruce finally left the kitchen, the sharp tool still in his hand. 

- * -

To be perfectly honest, Dick had no idea how to feel about the things Damian told him.

Were they even true? He couldn’t imagine himself to be so emotionally cruel, no matter what sort of person Damian was. In the other hand, it seemed to make sense – if Dick was really so much older than the other, any display of affection or basically anything hinting at the fact that Damian felt something for him would be taken as something childish and adorable. He was able to understand that, to a point – as the youngest person in his group, Dick had a fair share of people treating him like a kid, like someone who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

They paid enough attention to him during missions, but otherwise, they refused to acknowledge that he was not your usual, growing teenager – he was a Gothamite, someone who was forced to grow up early to survive.

Gotham never took kindly to kids, but only Artemis had enough experience to know that.

No matter what, though, he wanted to set things straight with the other – Damian was obviously avoiding confrontation, but Dick wasn’t capable of continuing to stand the silent treatment, the guilt and hurt burning in his gut too strong and bothersome to simply ignore.

Bruce had, strangely, very little questions as to why Dick decided to stay home tonight – he didn’t even bother faking sickness, trusting his mentor to know better. Batman left without his Robin that night, leaving the Boy Wonder home, possibly with a worse task.

Dick thought that he was good with words – and well, all the right things seemed to come to him naturally. With Damian, though, it felt like walking through a field full of land mines, never certain when everything will just blow up around you – he didn’t like talking, and the topic of emotions and feelings made him twitchy and irritated.

Nevertheless, shielding himself with that excuse wouldn’t do neither of them any good – and since Damian obviously wouldn’t approach him first, Dick was the one to knock on his doors, certain that midnight wasn’t late enough for the other to be sleeping.

He changed his mind when the voice that told him to come in was sleepy and grouchy.

“Ah, sorry. Did I wake you up?” Damian was in the middle of getting up from his bed, shooting Dick a surprised, questioning look.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m used to it, as you should be. What are you doing here, Grayson?”

“I want to talk,” he started carefully, shifting his weight from one leg to another in an obvious act of nervousness – one Damian could easily pick up and hopefully realize that he’s not the only one feeling uncomfortable and unsure.

All he got was a small shrug, but Dick figured it’s better than nothing. Sitting down on Damian’s bed, the older teenager hesitated before taking a place next to Dick, keeping a safe distance between their bodies.

It was strangely nice – the silence between them, even if it did border on uncomfortable. Damian’s familiarity made it better, however, and in no time Dick found himself sliding a little closer, the older boy ignoring him completely.

“First of all, I… want to thank you,” he began, leaning back a little and propping himself up on his palms. Damian turned to him, raising his eyebrow in silent question. “Well, you know… you love me even though I’m sort of an ass to you in the future.”

“A lot of people love you, Grayson. You’re not an ass, you’re… you, I suppose, even if it also means you’re an imbecile. I can’t blame you for not reciprocating my feelings, though; I’m just a kid compared to you.”

“That’s pretty normal, though. I mean, I used to have a strange, childish-mancrush on Bruce too, before I actually came to view him as my father. He was everything I wasn’t and thought I couldn’t be,” Dick snickered a little, the information clearly throwing Damian off guard.

“I think telling another person about having a crush on their biological father could be easily labeled as awkward and out of place,” he spoke finally, his tensed muscles relaxing a little, expression shifting from irritation to comfortable neutrality.

“Does telling someone about having a crush on their future self also counts?”

- * -

Damian was painfully aware of Dick’s body pressing against his, the younger boy determined to stay in his room overnight. Feeling both nice and awful, every little sound or move Dick made jerked Damian back awake, forcing him to look at the boy currently drooling on his shoulder and re-think everything all over again.

He wasn’t used to sleeping like this – random positions, someone snuggling up to him and alerting his paranoid senses, small sounds that definitely couldn’t classify as a hum of starting engine or working computer. Nevertheless, he was willing to endure it, if only for Dick’s sake. Not to mention it was a free pass to touch the other – and if someone walked in, it looked completely innocent, just two so-called brothers sleeping in one bed. Nothing alarming, nothing upsetting.

Exhaustion overtook him in the morning, first rays of sunlight already trying to get through the curtains. The electronic clock displayed six AM, and next thing he knew it switched to seven and Dick was kissing him awake, placing little pecks all around his lips and cheekbones. 

One hour wasn’t enough, but Damian already picked up on Bruce’s nocturnal habits, resulting in him being able to go without sleep for a very long time. Besides, the choice between sleep and Grayson was surprisingly obvious – he could catch up on missed rest later, whilst having Dick in his bed seemed like a rare opportunity.

His sleepy grunt made Dick giggle, the younger boy clearly in a good mood. They spent half of the night talking, Grayson set on “making everything alright” between them. It took a lot of awkward dodging to explain that nothing was wrong in the first place, and maybe Damian just overreacted a little, unable to deal with the confusion and confronting feelings.

Wrapping his arms around Grayson to pull the little Robin on top of him, he simply took the time to enjoy Dick’s heat, the way the sharp, lithe lines of his body fit with Damian’s like a puzzle, as if they were always meant to complete each other, meant to stay like this forever. And honestly, he really wouldn’t mind – especially with Dick leaning down to snuggle into the crook of his neck, placing little kisses over Damian’s collarbones and chin.

Before Damian could realize why Grayson seemed so desperate for both affection and attention, he could feel something hard pressing into his hipbone as Dick shifted uncomfortably, clearly seeking friction. 


“Grayson –“

“Sorry,” he sounded embarrassed and ashamed, but Damian got over the initial surprise rather quickly, realizing that it was probably normal for boys his age – not that he could really relate, seeing as he wasn’t as normal as Dick was, but he had enough theoretical knowledge about human body and its reactions.

“It’s alright,” the casual tone probably reassured Grayson a little, but Damian found it very hard not to at least snicker – this Dick was such a little, pathetic virgin it almost hurt.

Grayson leaned back again, straddling Damian’s hips and tugging his boxers down a little. He stroked himself – once, twice, the little sounds he made and the very sight of him flying straight to Damian’s groin, stomach turning uncomfortably as he realized he’s slipping out of control over his own body.

Reaching down to free his own, growing erection, he pressed his cock against Grayson’s, the sudden friction making the younger boy whine helplessly and grind down, sending a shiver down Damian’s spine.

He wrapped his hand around both of them, setting a fast, merciless rhythm as he bucked his hips up occasionally, meeting Grayson’s on their way down. Pulling the younger boy down for a sloppy, breathless kiss, he broke it off just in time to hear Dick’s final moan – more of a cry, actually – and come himself, the pleasure shuddering through him, a feeling so intense it managed to tear a startled, pathetic groan from his mouth. 

Dick collapsed on top of him, his heavy breaths hot on Damian’s neck. They’d lay there for a few more, blissful seconds, before a knock on the door destroyed their makeshift peace.

“Master Damian? Have you seen Master Dick? If he doesn’t start getting ready for school soon, he will be late.”

A short pause, during which Dick managed to give him one, pleading look.

“No, Pennyworth. I haven’t seen him.”

back on my feet. [damian/dick] [2/?]

Fandom: Young Justice + DCU crossover.

Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Robin/Damian Wayne 
Genre: Romance/Drama + timey wimey bullshit. ~
Rating: PG-13. (this chapter) 
Summary: Damian Wayne is sent back from the future straight into the YJ verse. Back home, he harbors strong feelings for Dick, but doesn’t act on it because of the age difference — now that he’s older than him by two years, however, he decides it’s time to take what belongs to him.

Written for a prompt on yj!anon meme. Still ongoing.

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