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back on my feet. [damian/dick] [4/?]

Fandom: Young Justice + DCU crossover.

Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Robin/Damian Wayne 
Genre: Romance/Drama + timey wimey bullshit. ~
Rating:  Heavy T. (this chapter) 
Summary: Damian Wayne is sent back from the future straight into the YJ verse. Back home, he harbors strong feelings for Dick, but doesn’t act on it because of the age difference — now that he’s older than him by two years, however, he decides it’s time to take what belongs to him.

Written for a prompt on yj!anon meme. Still ongoing.

Dedicating the next few days to avoiding Dick (which, by the way, was childishly easy, seeing as the little Grayson attended an actual school during the day and patrolled with batman during the night), Damian found himself with very little to do aside from hanging out with Alfred and Bruce.

There was little difference between this Pennyworth and his – to Damian’s disappointment, the old butler kept his sarcastic attire, promptly ignoring any warning the young man gave him. Deep, prolonged frowns and quiet, bitter hisses seemed to do little good and eventually, Damian gave up, expressing his dislike for the butler’s attitude with use of hurtful words that, obviously, Alfred didn’t care about.

A normal, random person – a mere bystander, or one of these worthless skanks who always hung around Bruce, wouldn’t be able to see the microscopic differences between parallel Batmans. The subtle expressions on his face were the key – the twitches, frowns, small, imperceptible smiles. This Bruce had a habit of being more open with them while under the cowl, and by more open, Damian meant the one millimeter difference he could easily both see and measure. He smelled like well mixed bergamot, citrus and jasmine, all finished with subtle, perfectly toned notes of various woods. Probably another expensive cologne, of course, but different from his Bruce’s usual scent.

The mere fact that Damian was capable of determining so many things by just standing in the same room with the other man was, as his Dick would always call it, creepy. Nevertheless, the teenager found it rather useful – at least he didn’t have to get too close to his targets to determine a few basics. 

“You don’t have to keep the five meter distance from me at all times,” Bruce seemed faintly amused with Damian’s carefulness, the boy moving in opposite directions and thus engaging the older man into something akin to a dance. 

Except Damian reminded him more of a wild cat waiting for the perfect moment to jump him – that’s what he looked like, anyway.

“Tt. I’m analyzing,” sneaking a nonchalant vibe into his voice proved to be a huge failure, the slight stumble painfully visible on the background of his usually graceful moves.

“Of course you are,” Bruce rolled his eyes, leaning down a little to open one of the drawers and turning his back on the boy.

“Why are you so casual with me? I’m technically a complete stranger.”

“And technically, you also aren’t. I don’t know what sort of Bruce you’re living with, but I don’t tend to panic in such situations. I believe the League can handle everything properly.”

“Are you planning on sending me away soon, then?” The worried, perhaps even stressed voice piqued Bruce’s interest, the older man turning his head around to look at Damian in a short break between checking one drawer and another.

“The lack of trackers in your Robin suit is successfully preventing us from finding your universe. For now, obviously,” finally, Bruce took a long, silver knife out, examining it for a short while.

Damian swallowed, leaning back against the counter and barely stopping himself from letting out a relieved sigh, at least until Bruce finally left the kitchen, the sharp tool still in his hand. 

- * -

To be perfectly honest, Dick had no idea how to feel about the things Damian told him.

Were they even true? He couldn’t imagine himself to be so emotionally cruel, no matter what sort of person Damian was. In the other hand, it seemed to make sense – if Dick was really so much older than the other, any display of affection or basically anything hinting at the fact that Damian felt something for him would be taken as something childish and adorable. He was able to understand that, to a point – as the youngest person in his group, Dick had a fair share of people treating him like a kid, like someone who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

They paid enough attention to him during missions, but otherwise, they refused to acknowledge that he was not your usual, growing teenager – he was a Gothamite, someone who was forced to grow up early to survive.

Gotham never took kindly to kids, but only Artemis had enough experience to know that.

No matter what, though, he wanted to set things straight with the other – Damian was obviously avoiding confrontation, but Dick wasn’t capable of continuing to stand the silent treatment, the guilt and hurt burning in his gut too strong and bothersome to simply ignore.

Bruce had, strangely, very little questions as to why Dick decided to stay home tonight – he didn’t even bother faking sickness, trusting his mentor to know better. Batman left without his Robin that night, leaving the Boy Wonder home, possibly with a worse task.

Dick thought that he was good with words – and well, all the right things seemed to come to him naturally. With Damian, though, it felt like walking through a field full of land mines, never certain when everything will just blow up around you – he didn’t like talking, and the topic of emotions and feelings made him twitchy and irritated.

Nevertheless, shielding himself with that excuse wouldn’t do neither of them any good – and since Damian obviously wouldn’t approach him first, Dick was the one to knock on his doors, certain that midnight wasn’t late enough for the other to be sleeping.

He changed his mind when the voice that told him to come in was sleepy and grouchy.

“Ah, sorry. Did I wake you up?” Damian was in the middle of getting up from his bed, shooting Dick a surprised, questioning look.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m used to it, as you should be. What are you doing here, Grayson?”

“I want to talk,” he started carefully, shifting his weight from one leg to another in an obvious act of nervousness – one Damian could easily pick up and hopefully realize that he’s not the only one feeling uncomfortable and unsure.

All he got was a small shrug, but Dick figured it’s better than nothing. Sitting down on Damian’s bed, the older teenager hesitated before taking a place next to Dick, keeping a safe distance between their bodies.

It was strangely nice – the silence between them, even if it did border on uncomfortable. Damian’s familiarity made it better, however, and in no time Dick found himself sliding a little closer, the older boy ignoring him completely.

“First of all, I… want to thank you,” he began, leaning back a little and propping himself up on his palms. Damian turned to him, raising his eyebrow in silent question. “Well, you know… you love me even though I’m sort of an ass to you in the future.”

“A lot of people love you, Grayson. You’re not an ass, you’re… you, I suppose, even if it also means you’re an imbecile. I can’t blame you for not reciprocating my feelings, though; I’m just a kid compared to you.”

“That’s pretty normal, though. I mean, I used to have a strange, childish-mancrush on Bruce too, before I actually came to view him as my father. He was everything I wasn’t and thought I couldn’t be,” Dick snickered a little, the information clearly throwing Damian off guard.

“I think telling another person about having a crush on their biological father could be easily labeled as awkward and out of place,” he spoke finally, his tensed muscles relaxing a little, expression shifting from irritation to comfortable neutrality.

“Does telling someone about having a crush on their future self also counts?”

- * -

Damian was painfully aware of Dick’s body pressing against his, the younger boy determined to stay in his room overnight. Feeling both nice and awful, every little sound or move Dick made jerked Damian back awake, forcing him to look at the boy currently drooling on his shoulder and re-think everything all over again.

He wasn’t used to sleeping like this – random positions, someone snuggling up to him and alerting his paranoid senses, small sounds that definitely couldn’t classify as a hum of starting engine or working computer. Nevertheless, he was willing to endure it, if only for Dick’s sake. Not to mention it was a free pass to touch the other – and if someone walked in, it looked completely innocent, just two so-called brothers sleeping in one bed. Nothing alarming, nothing upsetting.

Exhaustion overtook him in the morning, first rays of sunlight already trying to get through the curtains. The electronic clock displayed six AM, and next thing he knew it switched to seven and Dick was kissing him awake, placing little pecks all around his lips and cheekbones. 

One hour wasn’t enough, but Damian already picked up on Bruce’s nocturnal habits, resulting in him being able to go without sleep for a very long time. Besides, the choice between sleep and Grayson was surprisingly obvious – he could catch up on missed rest later, whilst having Dick in his bed seemed like a rare opportunity.

His sleepy grunt made Dick giggle, the younger boy clearly in a good mood. They spent half of the night talking, Grayson set on “making everything alright” between them. It took a lot of awkward dodging to explain that nothing was wrong in the first place, and maybe Damian just overreacted a little, unable to deal with the confusion and confronting feelings.

Wrapping his arms around Grayson to pull the little Robin on top of him, he simply took the time to enjoy Dick’s heat, the way the sharp, lithe lines of his body fit with Damian’s like a puzzle, as if they were always meant to complete each other, meant to stay like this forever. And honestly, he really wouldn’t mind – especially with Dick leaning down to snuggle into the crook of his neck, placing little kisses over Damian’s collarbones and chin.

Before Damian could realize why Grayson seemed so desperate for both affection and attention, he could feel something hard pressing into his hipbone as Dick shifted uncomfortably, clearly seeking friction. 


“Grayson –“

“Sorry,” he sounded embarrassed and ashamed, but Damian got over the initial surprise rather quickly, realizing that it was probably normal for boys his age – not that he could really relate, seeing as he wasn’t as normal as Dick was, but he had enough theoretical knowledge about human body and its reactions.

“It’s alright,” the casual tone probably reassured Grayson a little, but Damian found it very hard not to at least snicker – this Dick was such a little, pathetic virgin it almost hurt.

Grayson leaned back again, straddling Damian’s hips and tugging his boxers down a little. He stroked himself – once, twice, the little sounds he made and the very sight of him flying straight to Damian’s groin, stomach turning uncomfortably as he realized he’s slipping out of control over his own body.

Reaching down to free his own, growing erection, he pressed his cock against Grayson’s, the sudden friction making the younger boy whine helplessly and grind down, sending a shiver down Damian’s spine.

He wrapped his hand around both of them, setting a fast, merciless rhythm as he bucked his hips up occasionally, meeting Grayson’s on their way down. Pulling the younger boy down for a sloppy, breathless kiss, he broke it off just in time to hear Dick’s final moan – more of a cry, actually – and come himself, the pleasure shuddering through him, a feeling so intense it managed to tear a startled, pathetic groan from his mouth. 

Dick collapsed on top of him, his heavy breaths hot on Damian’s neck. They’d lay there for a few more, blissful seconds, before a knock on the door destroyed their makeshift peace.

“Master Damian? Have you seen Master Dick? If he doesn’t start getting ready for school soon, he will be late.”

A short pause, during which Dick managed to give him one, pleading look.

“No, Pennyworth. I haven’t seen him.”

back on my feet. [damian/dick] [3/?]

Fandom: Young Justice + DCU crossover.

Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Robin/Damian Wayne 
Genre: Romance/Drama + timey wimey bullshit. ~
Rating: PG-13. (this chapter) 
Summary: Damian Wayne is sent back from the future straight into the YJ verse. Back home, he harbors strong feelings for Dick, but doesn’t act on it because of the age difference — now that he’s older than him by two years, however, he decides it’s time to take what belongs to him.

Written for a prompt on yj!anon meme. Still ongoing.

Running his thumb over his lips, he didn’t dare move from the couch for another fifteen minutes, listening to the strangely reassuring sound of water hitting the shower pan.

The realization that maybe he shouldn’t have done that came to him much earlier, but only now he had time to actually think this situation through. It was a bad idea, of course it was, because everything about Damian screamed don’t, and he tasted like blood and desperation and danger and as amazing as that taste was, it seemed oddly addicting and he wasn’t entirely positive about his ability to fight it.

If he decided to voice his thoughts like this to Damian, however, he wouldn’t get much more than a short, mocking laugh. Dick was good enough at reading people to know that there would be no sentiment between them, no matter what happened here just a few minutes ago — Damian wasn’t that sort of guy, and Dick wasn’t looking for that sort of thing.

The emotional distance between them could cover oceans and lands alike, yet nothing felt better than having Damian close.

It all started when he saw him for the first time, really – he was drawn to the other boy immediately, the need to touch him, even for a short while, much too strong to simply ignore. He took care of his wounds, cleaned his face and offered to guard him through the night, not so much because he feared that Damian was a danger but because he wanted to be there when he woke up, needed to be the first person the other saw, the familiarity they shared seemingly necessary, just like air or anything else that kept Dick alive.

Damian didn’t bother explaining the relationship they had in the future (in fact, he didn’t bother explaining anything), and when Dick asked, he just mumbled a few short sentences, all about him being an annoying asshole. There was a certain bitterness in his voice whenever he talked about Dick’s future self though, and the longing in his eyes, hidden behind a wall of aristocratic arrogance, screamed and pierced right through every time he mentioned his name.

And for a second, Dick thought that perhaps it was the reason why he didn’t protest, leaning into the kiss willingly and hoping that it’ll make Damian’s beautiful face brighter. Maybe he felt bad for him, because something was obviously wrong and off, and he would never know what, because Damian would never tell him.

But, sitting here covered in shadows of the spacious living room, it wasn’t hard to rule that thought out completely. He didn’t do it because of pity, or because he felt like that was what he needed to do to make Damian like him and relax.

He did it because he wanted to, nothing more, nothing less.

- * -

Another thing this Grayson and his Grayson shared, as Damian would realize the next morning, was the persistence that kept them going until they got what they were after.

This time, Dick wanted him to tag along to “Mount Justice” (who named that thing?) and meet his friends, reasoning that he’d be gone all day anyway and he didn’t want to leave Damian alone. Somewhere deep inside of his stomach his natural repulsion towards socializing meet the immense need to stay at Grayson’s side at all times, clashing together in an even battle.

In the end, however, a vision of spending his day around Alfred and eventually extremely awkward Bruce was much less inviting than accompanying Grayson and seeing just what kind of hands he’s left in during the weekends.

“I’ll go if you give me my utility belt upgrades back,” he decided finally, suddenly remembering that Dick took the opportunity to study his new gear while he was passed out.

Grayson agreed, reluctantly helping him with placing everything back inside of the belt, and proceeded to lead them to Bruce’s bedroom for the sole reason of stealing some more clothes.

Last night, he gave him his father’s sweatpants and a simple t-shirt, despite Damian quite literally drowning in the material. His chest was well-developed, but his shoulders weren’t anywhere as broad as Bruce’s – not yet, at least. Grayson explained that it’ll still be better than Damian trying to fit into his embarrassingly small clothes though, and he had a point – the older teen definitely wouldn’t feel very comfortable in something that didn’t provide him with complete freedom of movement.

In the end, they managed to dig up a pair of slightly smaller black pants and a simple, blue hoodie. The utility belt did a good job keeping the material from sliding right off Damian’s lean hips, and the thankfully undamaged domino mask shielded his azure eyes from the world yet again, providing him with some sort of comfort.

- * - 

“What should I introduce you as?” Grayson asked as they stood in front of the cave entrance. “You know, if you want, I can tell them your name, but –“

“Black Robin,” he grumbled out, nothing better coming to his mind. It sounded just like Drake’s name, which automatically made it awful, but for now, it’d do. He almost wanted to adopt ‘Nightwing’, a passing thought really, but it was ruled out almost immediately as he didn’t need any more reminders of the future in his life right now.

“Simple, I like it. Let me update the system,” Dick grinned stupidly, accessing the cave’s mainframe through the computer on his wrist.

“Alright, ready?”

He would probably never be.

These people spent a lot of time with Grayson though, and as infuriating as that thought was, it would be better if Damian at least knew who they were.

And why did he feel jealous all of sudden? It’s not like Grayson had anything going with any of them… right?

“Wait,” he slipped his hood off quickly, grabbing Dick by his wrist and pulling him closer. Second arm wrapped itself around Grayson’s thin waist, holding him in place as Damian leaned in and kissed the younger boy full on the mouth. 

Grayson tried to mumble something into the rather forceful kiss, eventually realizing that his attempts were entirely pointless. Instead, he steadied himself, hands set firmly on Damian’s shoulders, fingers clutched around them almost desperately, as if he were to fall the second he let go.

Once Dick’s position seemed somewhat stabile, Damian broke it off, going lower and leaving a trail of sloppy kisses all over the younger teen’s chin and neck.

“This is not the best ti – nngh!” He didn’t get to finish as Damian sunk his teeth deep into his throat, making Dick whine and squirm against the strong grip uselessly. He kept going until Grayson’s skin finally broke, tongue lapping up the single droplets of blood and easing the stinging pain.

“Damian, camer – ahn – as!” Grayson tried again, blunt nails digging into Damian’s back and his knees slowly starting to give in. Damian sucked on his neck eagerly, marking and biting and claiming, as if each bruise he made screamed ‘mine!’ and would successfully keep any potential admirers away.

“Come on, please –“ He moaned out quietly and Damian couldn’t help but smirk against the damaged skin, grinding their hips together and sending a jolt through Dick’s body, the younger teen shivering under his fingertips.

“Please what, Grayson?” He inquired, mock-curiosity in his voice – and, just like he expected, he didn’t get an answer (well, unless the weak mewl counted as one).

Seems like regardless of the universe, Grayson would always be a sucker for all sorts of teasing. Damian could often observe his mentor’s scarred body full of strange bruises and bitemarks, much too young to understand what they meant or where they came from.

But he did, eventually, when Grayson wasn’t on his side anymore.

And the realization that so many people were able to claim Grayson while Damian didn’t mark him even once left him in a state somewhere between mental agony and actual physical pain.

This situation surely did make up for it, though.

After a few more minutes of worshiping every inch of Grayson’s exposed skin Damian stopped, one hand still wrapped around the smaller boy securely to help him keep his balance. Dick looked up at his face, red and literally struggling for each breath, an irritated grin dancing all over his lips. Instead of saying anything though, he buried his face in Damian’s chest, taking his time to calm down a little.

“What was that for? What if Batman sees these marks? He’ll kill me – and he’ll kill you, too!” 

“You’ll come up with a way to cover it, Grayson. You’re not a total dumbass. Let’s go.” 

- * -


Everyone’s heads turned at the sound of an unfamiliar name, and they were greeted by five, curious stares. Robin was desperately trying to pull his jacket up high enough to cover his neck and – to Damian’s amusement – failing, and the older teen stalked behind him, meeting each gaze individually.

“Rob!” Someone shouted and less than a second after a blurry figure jumped out of the kitchen, running towards them and spreading its arms, probably expecting to be met with a hug.

Before Wally could actually reach Dick and sweep the smaller boy in an embrace though, Damian grabbed Grayson’s shoulder and pulled him out of the way, watching confused West stop a few meters behind them and turn around with a questioning gaze.

“What gives? Who’re you? Rob?” 

Dick just laughed, reaching to pat Damian’s chest reassuringly and slipping out of his grip. 

“Guys, this is Black Robin. He’s my future replacement.” 

He was greeted by smiles, nods, a whistle coming from a blonde girl and slightly confused, stern face of Conner Kent, who looked kind of like someone just stuck a kryptonite stick up his ass.

Totally not what Damian expected.

“So, this is –“ Dick started, pointing at a tall, dark-skinned figure first.

“I know who they are, more or less. I’m guessing the Atlantean is your version of Aqualad, that’s Superboy, Miss Martian, Kid Flash and… Alright, I don’t know you.”

He never saw the blonde girl in the future – did she die quickly, or was it some fucked up, genderbent, different-universe-and-all-that-shit version of someone?

“It’s Artemis,” she corrected him quickly, but his attention was already elsewhere.

“So, what happened to you, Kent? I was convinced you pretty much threw up sunshine and rainbows wherever you went,” Damian tilted his head a little, white lenses focused on this so-called Superboy. 

Kent didn’t answer him, simply tightening his grip on the armrest. Miss Martian put her hand on his arm reassuringly, leaning down to whisper something in his ear.

“Wow, in my universe, you’re tapping Wonder Girl. Also, as far as I’m concerned, a different Robi –“ but before he could finish, Dick elbowed him in the ribs, looking just as shocked and confused as the rest of them.

Except for Wally West, who seemed pretty unaffected by Conner Kent’s alternative romance scenarios.

“What happens to me? Y’know, in your time?”

“You, West, become the most annoying Flash in the history of my universe. Probably all the other universes, too, since it’s pretty much impossible to beat you.”

Artemis snickered audibly and West huffed, crossing his arms.

“Hey, at least I become the Flash! You heard that, guys?”

Dick nodded, grinning and turning to Damian.

“What happens to me? You didn’t tell me anything about that,” he asked, jerking his chin up and exposing all of his new bitemarks and hickeys to, well, everyone. West gasped like a girl, Artemis raised her eyebrow suggestively and Kent demonstrated his complete lack of manners and tact by asking Miss Martian about it out loud. 

Grayson flushed, tugging the collar of his jacket up as fast as he could and Damian could easily tell he was glaring at him, even with his eyes covered by sunglasses.

“What was tha –“ Artemis was first to speak up, but Damian didn’t let her finish.

“You become Nightwing, get your own city to patrol and are a force to be reckoned with,” he sighed, the words sounding more spiteful than praising. Grayson didn’t seem to mind though, his face brightening up a little, a light flush still covering his cheeks.

He decided to keep the rest to himself, incapable of casually talking about Grayson being Batman and him being his Robin. Besides, he didn’t want to remind Dick that in some universe, Damian was just a child, the age gap between them so great it completely eliminated any chance of affection or romantic feelings.

“Black Robin, are you interested in joining us during our training? You fight alongside Batman, so you must be an excellent warrior,” Aqualad spoke up, interrupting their little interview about the future. 

Damian turned to him, shrugging.

This could be fun.

- * -

Excellent, as they soon learned, wasn’t a word that quite described Damian.

Deadly, vicious and rabid seemed more like it.

He eliminated all of them, meeting very little trouble on his way to a sure victory – only Superboy and Robin took him a little more time, mainly because hitting Conner was kind of like hitting a brick wall and Grayson received special treatment.

He didn’t intend to go easy on Dick, curious about the younger teen’s fighting abilities. But when they faced each other, the duel about to begin, Damian realized just how lithe and small Grayson looked and how scared he was of actually hurting him. And so, all of his hits were weaker, hard enough for Dick to feel them but light enough to not leave any bruises. For the most part he tried to be slow and let Grayson slip through and in between his arms, and they could go on like this forever if it wasn’t for him finishing it and pinning Dick to the ground, hovering over the smaller boy with a smirk on his face.

Conner, in the other hand, got the full service. His fighting style was very brutish and instinctive – he’d wave his arms around blindly, hoping to hit whatever enemy was unlucky enough to be in his close proximity. Damian was far too good to get caught up in that, but even so, Conner was still Superman’s clone – it wasn’t easy to inflict any sort of damage on him. After each hit and throw, he’d get up, ready for another round. In the end, Damian decided to take it one step further and simply attack Superboy’s vital points. It always worked.

And even despite his loss, Damian had to admit Kent wasn’t as useless as the rest of Grayson’s team.

West fought sloppily, his moves uncoordinated and random, easy to predict and therefore easy to block and counter even despite his incredible speed.

Miss Martian wasn’t as weak physically as she was mentally – when she successfully trapped him with her telekinesis, he did the simplest thing to get free; he just thought about pain loud enough for her to hear. She probably thought he was legitimately hurt and freed him, giving Damian a perfect opening to attack – and once he got close, there was literally nothing you could do to defend.

Kaldur was an experienced warrior and he was clearly capable of hitting hard – except he was a planner, a strategist who spent too much time thinking about his next move before actually going through with it. It made him slower and more predictable than West; he was intelligent, but not a genius, so he couldn’t outsmart Damian. Plus, he certainly didn’t prove to be more of a challenge than some enemies he fought against in the past.

Artemis offered him a cocksure grin before they started… and went down a few seconds later. She was an archer, someone who always sought distance between her and her opponent. Damian, in the other hand, was after the opposite – and he had no trouble closing the distance, his moves fast, precise and oppressing. She didn’t stand a chance.

“That’s who he’s putting you with? A bunch of weaklings?” He asked Grayson after they left the cave, trying his best to sound casual and inevitably failing.

Dick sighed, rubbing his forehead and trying to think of a satisfactory answer.

Nothing came to his mind.

“Look, you’re amazing, okay? You’re… on a completely different level. I’m officially whelmed. But they’re not weak, and we do fine on missio –“

“Fine is not good enough, Grayson. The team is supposed to have your back and defend you. They’re not capable of doing that. I actually wonder whether they’re capable of as much as tying their shoes without the League’s help.” 

“Why are you doing this, Damian?” Dick’s tone was bothered, maybe even worried. Damian blinked a few times, the confusion and anxiety slowly setting in.

Grayson sat on his motorcycle, his shades long gone. He held his helmet in hands, toying with it for a second before looking up at Damian again, azure pupils focused and piercing.

“Why are you so worried? Why the affection? I’ve been wondering, but… Are you… and me… in the future… – ?”

“No,” He protested quickly, his normally stern voice breaking. “It’s… complicated.”

“Complicated doesn’t really cut it for me anymore. I like you, okay? I don’t really know why but I like you, and I want to know more about you. But you’re… keeping things from me, obviously, and I’m not sure if I want to continue being led by the nose by a person who refuses to tell me anything.”

This was a disaster.

Damian was shit at talking about feelings, especially his own. He’d mock other people about love, ridicule them about their crushes, while being just like them somewhere deep inside. 

“Fine, whatever. Maybe there is something between us in the future. And by saying that I mean I’m the idiot with all the feelings and you’re a slut who doesn’t stay in anyone’s bed for more than one night and ruins all of his relationships. Not to mention you’re too old for me and it could never really be. Happy? Can we go now?”

The question was completely empty, as he started his motorcycle anyway, leaving Dick behind to swallow the information. He was feeling frustrated, of course – not as much as he thought he would be, but the anger in his throat burned either way, leaving the thought that maybe he was a little too harsh somewhere far behind.

And for the first time, he felt truly lost, torn between this universe and the other.

Did the older Grayson miss him? Did he even know that he was gone, or maybe Batman didn’t bother telling him, trying to find Damian all by himself? If he stayed, would there be a place for him in this world? And what would his Bruce do? Batman needed Robin, didn’t he?

Too caught up in his own thoughts, he didn’t even notice that Dick was right behind him, keeping completely quiet and letting both of them process everything that just happened.

It was both the longest and the shortest ride of his life.

back on my feet. [damian/dick] [2/?]

Fandom: Young Justice + DCU crossover.

Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Robin/Damian Wayne 
Genre: Romance/Drama + timey wimey bullshit. ~
Rating: PG-13. (this chapter) 
Summary: Damian Wayne is sent back from the future straight into the YJ verse. Back home, he harbors strong feelings for Dick, but doesn’t act on it because of the age difference — now that he’s older than him by two years, however, he decides it’s time to take what belongs to him.

Written for a prompt on yj!anon meme. Still ongoing.

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back on my feet. [damian/dick] [1/?]

Fandom: Young Justice + DCU crossover.
Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Robin/Damian Wayne 
Genre: Romance/Drama + timey wimey bullshit. ~
Rating: PG. (this chapter.)  
Summary: Damian Wayne is sent back from the future straight into the YJ verse. Back home, he harbors strong feelings for Dick, but doesn’t act on it because of the age difference — now that he’s older than him by two years, however, he decides it’s time to take what belongs to him.

Written for a prompt on yj!anon meme. Still ongoing.

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they say you won’t come back. [ roy/dick. ]

Fandom: Young Justice
Characters/Pairings: Robin/Dick Grayson + Red Arrow/Roy Harper 
Genre: Friendshipfic, pre-slash. 
Rating: PG. 
Summary: Roy refuses to admit that he’s a ginger. Dick proves him otherwise. 

For Bel. ~ <3 

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